Conserv Super Combo CS 4400 CV Merlot

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Category: Laundry Products, Combo Washer Dryers
Product Code: CS 4400 CV
Model: 4400 CV
Color: Merlot
Available Colors:        
Price: $999

Doing the laundry has never been so exciting

The Super Combo Washer-Dryer 4400 is the slimmest combo in North America. Twenty years in the making, this model of water and energy efficiency defies the old demand for the proper dryer connection. The convertible drying feature creates versatility in a petite package.

With the convertible venting and condensing drying feature, this machine breaks the barriers that lock your combo into a specific space in your home or apartment. If you don’t have a drain pump, simply push a button and the machine will convert to exhaust the air externally.

You’ll never have to decide between small-medium-large loads again. The Super Combo has a weight sensor that determines the correct amount of water to fill to prevent water waste. The sensor dry stops the machine automatically when the load has reached the desired level of dryness.

With the wrinkle guard feature, you don’t have to wait around to quickly remove your clothing before the wrinkles set in. The drum will automatically do a ½ turn every 5 minutes for up to 8 hours after the end of the cycle, or until the door is opened.

With more options than ever, you can decide how to dry your clothing. Use the built in venting or condensing options, or add the venting bucket accessory to create a vented drying system even if you don’t have a vent.


1200 rpm (for faster drying)
Color Coded LED Display
Automatic Water Level
Automatic Dry Level
Optional Sensor/Time Dry
Refresh Function
Diagnostics (12 error codes)
Child lock​
Delay start
Self clean option
Add-a-sock option
End of cycle chime
Water saver option
Easy to open coin trap
Start / Pause function
Adjustable leveling legs-4
Easy to install – 2 shipping rods
Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
Convertible venting / Condensing dry
Electronic control panel with LED lights
Energy saving – auto display off after 5 min
Venting booster fan option to blow air 50 ft
Angled 45 degree door handle (reduces bending)
Type Combo
Capacity 13 lbs
Door Diameter / Swing 16″ / 180 degree
Programs 14
Adjustable leveling legs 4
Additive Dispenser Automatic
Stainless Steel Drum Yes
Dryer Ventilation (Convertible) Venting
Wash or Dry Option only Yes
Pre-Wash Function Yes
Half-Heat Option Yes
Automatic door lock in wash Yes
Door lock open in dry mode Yes
Easy access coin-trap Yes
Speed 1200 rpm
Electrical 110 V 60 Hz 15 A
Height in inches (Net) 33.5
Width in inches (Net) 23.5
Depth in inches (Net) 22
LBS (Net) 161

By - Deborah Amaral on September, 08 2017

The service is excellent.

By - LUCKY on September, 05 2017

Works great...good support. I really like it and love to show it off to my friends

By - Hahaha on August, 29 2017

I love this little machine!! I was afraid because I've heard combo machines don't dry right or take forever... nope, this little machine is amazing!! I highly recommend it.

By - LandD on August, 22 2017

We are extremely satisfied with this machine. We replaced the existing combo unit in our motorhome with this machine. Wow! What an improvement. The clothes are clean. We vented the dryer outside and it works well.

By - Cocky on August, 01 2017

it's great, very compact.

By - Dee on June, 20 2017

This is like a little giant in my small space. Once I learned how to use it, was awesome. Set it and leave to run errands!

By - Hadtolinethem on May, 20 2017

Fitted a tiny space and runs well

By - Maynerd on April, 18 2017

This item is in our 5th wheel we live in. It can be vented or not. Works better when it drys when vented. Washs great everything very clean, drying works great on light weight items. Takes very long time to dry Jeans, towels or any heavyweight item. Love the convenience to have this. We compared a lot of the washes before we bought this one.

By - Anita123 on April, 18 2017

Comment great machine - the washing machine dryer combo by deco optional venting is impecable! thouroughly cleans all the clothes leaving the clothes looking clean and smelling fresh!it only takes half the time and effort than just condensing alone.all the different wash cycles make it easy and convenient to wash clothes.an added bonus is the different temperature settings which helps with heavier soiled clothes a definite recommend great product.

By - Nonnie08 on March, 30 2017

The Combo was a little tricky to figure out but I've now done two loads without a hitch and they came out beautifully. It's no noisier than any other washer and drier and fit into a linen closet which allows me to do laundry above the basement. I highly reccomend it.

By - Pammy on March, 24 2017


By - Gator on February, 28 2017

I bought this combo to replace a Splendide combo in my motorhome. The size was compatible with the Splendide and the Combo slid right in. The Combo has features that were not available on the Splendide, and the cost was much less. I have not experienced any operational problems, as the Combo operates as advertised.

By - Daniel Sobers on November, 23 2016

Equator is quiet a decent brand, but compact size is the reason i purchased the supercombo and i am quiet impress. I will use and update the review.

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