Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Ice Maker IM 36I-10 SS
Net capacity:1.0cu.ft
Ice-making capacity: 10 lbs /24H
Energy saving
Ice scoop included
Reversible door
Rapid ice making system
Stainless steel door
Product Class Ice Maker
Color Stainless (VCM)
Total(cu.ft) 1.0 Cu.Ft
Freezer (cu.ft) 1.0 Cu.Ft
Noise Level(dB) 43
No. of Doors 1
Reversible Door Yes
Adjustable Leg Yes
Temp. Control Mechanical
Defrosting Manual
Height in inches (Net/Packing) 25.11/26.2
Width in inches (Net/Packing) 15.2/16.9
Depth in inches (Net/Packing) 17.7/19.5
In Pound (Net / Gross) 66.1/70.5
Unit Dimension:(HxWxD) 19.4 x 15.2 x 17.7

By - Gary on September, 01 2017

I find it to be an excellent ice maker for the money. Don't believe the product description. It makes and holds about 8lbs of ice. If it says more then it must have some way of filling to the top. If you keep it dumped (2gal ziplock backs work great) it makes will make about 10lbs a day. The ice bar shuts it off at about 7lbs. It does make ice very quickly, not much at a time..about 6 cubes but freezes quick and dumps about every 30 minutes. Does have a tendency to frost up and needs defrosting about every three weeks. Being level is an absolute must with a slight height increase on the front side, otherwise the water level will freeze in the gears stopping operation. Very quiet. We got this for our RV and it works great as long as level is right. I suggest getting the extended warranty as I have read lots of reviews on other sites that seem to have problems with this model. I have had none other than water freezing in the gears. defrosting and re leveling fixed problem.

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