Elp Pan Stand with<br> Sensor Activated Pump
Elp Pan Stand with<br> Sensor Activated Pump
Pump Dimensions 4 H x 5W x 2 3/4D
Optional pump is installed in the rear of the PanStand. Attach the 5/8 connection to the pump
The crescent adapter wraps around the washer discharge hose eliminating installing a separate drain line
Specifically designed for 24 laundry product.
PanStand Air-flotation works with separates or stacked laundry systems up to 400lbs
Reduces noise and vibration movement
Appliances sit on the side rails and not in a pan eliminating lifting the appliance
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By - Rrmart on February, 22 2019

I just purchased this week ago and installed it with my washer and dryer stacked on it and it worked perfectly would highly recommend it

By - OstkUser1140294 on October, 02 2017

Haven't official put the washer on top, but I did try out the pump in the bath tub. Let me tell you this thing bad arsssss. when it reached a certain level out water it kicked in and blew water out the hose like no 2morrow. Hope I am never in a situation of water flooding out of my washer but I know this thing will work!

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